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The Way I Teach

We always say in Ving Tsun, "Don't expect, don't compare." Everyone learns differently.  Some people will catch on to the physical movements quickly, some will understand the theory behind the movements quickly, some will understand the philosophies before anything else.  We all view the world differently.  I advance people when they are ready to be advanced, when they have enough of a foundation to progress to the next technique, drill, form, whatever it may be.  

The best way to learn is to figure it out on your own.  Too many people just give you the answers, most of the time it is better to work for those answers.  The truth is that the only one who can teach you is you, as a Sifu, I can guide you to the right answers, but that is all.  You have to do the work.  If I did just give you the answers it would actually be a disservice to you and to kung fu.  Figuring it out on your own will, will lead you to developing your own kung fu and possibly even improving upon kung fu itself.  Of course, you would have to train decades to even get close to being able to improve upon it, even then, it is a very well thought out system, so you would have to be as good or better than Yip Man himself to be able to make that kind of a change.

 The other reason that I teach this way is because I can tell you a million times the details of a technique, but until you perform the technique to the point you are comfortable enough with it to understand it, you will not get the detail. You have to put in the work.  

So when you are ready for a new detail, technique, drill, form, I will teach it to you.  All you have to do is to train enough to be ready for it.