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New Year's Resolutions

New year's is as good of a time as any to set goals.  You should really always have goals and benchmarks set so you can go over them and track them.  But why not start with New Year's?  The key to achieving goals is to stay consistent. If you do that then the only thing you need is time and you will accomplish whatever it is you want.  

The most sensible goal is one that can accomplish multiple things at the same time.  I can say, honestly, that kung fu has enabled me to accomplish every goal I have had to date.  It can help you as well, you only have to stick with it.  You will get as much and more than you put into it.  

Now I have goals for myself, my family, my kung fu, and the kung fu school.  I know I will complete them because of the kung fu I have trained and continue to train.  One of the goals I have for the kung fu school is to get enough students by the end of this summer, 2017, and to get an official location in Louisville.  So, come be a part of this with me, help yourself accomplish your goals and help the kung fu school grow and prosper as well.  It can change your life.  All it takes is focus and time.