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Kung Fu is about Growth.  

There is a lot to kung fu.  First is the fighting ability; that is what most people train it for, even though we may not use it for that reason everyday like the founders of the system had to do, we still learn it for that reason.  And you never know when something might happen.  With all the civilized aspects of the world we live in today there are still a lot of dangers and a fight could break out at any time.  Fighting is very easily the basis of survival.  Knowing when not to fight is powerful, but you also need to know when to fight and how to fight and it has to be second nature.   Ving Tsun can teach you this skill.

 But there is more to kung fu than just fighting.  Fighting ability is really the tip of the iceberg in kung fu.  Kung Fu can enrich your life like nothing else.  The amazing thing is that it is not even that difficult to learn and to do.  You just have to do it.  You may not feel like it sometimes, but you have to remove yourself from that mind set or emotion and just do it.  If you allow it, kung fu will open up the universe to you.  

To be completely transparent, kung fu is not the only thing that can do this for you, there are many ways to become "enlightened", but it is one of the very few if not only way to do that and to learn to be a great fighter at the same time.  It's your choice.  I chose Kung Fu.  What do you chose?