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Worry Not

Life is complex and difficult.  Don’t make it worse by worrying.  Sounds easy, the hard part is recognizing that you are worrying.  You might go through 10 minutes of your brain just crushing you with worries before you realize what is going on.  If you take notice, you will feel the frown on your face, the teeth gritting, the tension in behind your eyes, your scalp tightness, and throughout your body.  This is bad on many levels.  We all know it is bad for your health.  It is doubly bad because you are losing out on productive time, time you could be fixing the very things you are worrying about. 

Some things there is no sense in worrying over because you have no control over them at all.  Carefully and rationally consider what you are worrying about, is it something you can control?  Is there something you can do right now about that worry?  If yes, then do it! Whatever it is, do it.  If no, then push it from you mind.  It has no use and Miyamoto Musashi wrote, “Do nothing of which is no use.”  Wise words. 

Kung fu teaches you to relax, first is starts with your muscles and tendons, then your nerves, and eventually your mind and spirit.  After training many, many, many years, maybe you will be able to attain a permanent state of relaxation.