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Analyzing The Details

Every little detail in Kung Fu can and should be analyzed.  The smallest detail might have the most information, or the even absence of a detail might mean the biggest thing. 

Kung Fu has many benefits that will translate into your everyday life.  One of the major benefit’s is the ability and inclination to analyze the details of everything.  This is a double edged sword though, particularly when coupled with human being’s natural inclination to focus on the negative.  It is a very easy thing to do because the negative always seems to have the most impact.  Actually, this is not true, it has the most impact in that moment; however, when looking at the long run the positive is always more powerful overall. 

As you progress in your training you will start analyzing the details of yourself.  First it will be the physical details, this is where it starts.   Obviously in the physical details you are looking for the bad and trying to correct it.  You look at your elbow and work on pushing it more onto centerline, you look at your horse and you work on sinking deeper, you look at your spine and work on keeping it straighter.  You are always looking at the “negative” or what is wrong.  Then later in your training you will begin to turn that study of detail inward.   The natural tendency is to focus on the bad or negative aspects of yourself.  This is what you have been doing for years in the study of kung fu and it has worked.  You now have a good foundation of kung fu.   

This is where you need to be careful.   If you are going to analyze the negative parts of yourself, then you absolutely need to analyze the good parts as well.  When you accept the bad you necessarily have to the accept the good, otherwise you are missing the entire picture.  Also, it is not enough to just accept it, you must enjoy the good, enhance it even.  And give yourself credit when you fix the bad parts because now they are good or at the very least better, which is good.  This should start with the physical training in kung fu, when you develop your technique to a certain level, appreciate that technique and enjoy it.  Even if you have not perfected that technique that is okay, you can still enjoy the improvements you have made up to that point. 

So when kung fu imparts it’s habit of studying the details be aware of the snags that it may cause and avoid them.  Always remember to accept the good with the bad and enjoy them both.  For in truth, they are one in the same, there is not one without the other.  Yin/Yang.