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Life sometimes gets in the way.  Which isn't a bad thing, it just is.  It gets in the way of things that you want to accomplish.  That is okay and normal.  However, if you really want to work on or accomplish something then you have to make it a part of your life as well.  And it will get in the way of other parts of your life, and that is okay.  Life is about balance.  

There is a constant juggling of priorities. When one area of your life is being affected you have to pay to attention to it, more than normal.  That does not mean that you need to ignore everything else, which is the temptation. It means that you pay more attention to it, and maybe a little less attention to another aspect of your life.  

One thing is certain though, Kung Fu improves all areas of your life.  All you have to do is to let it. And of course train consistently.