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About Sifu

Growing up I always wanted to study martial arts.  Bruce Lee and Elvis Presley were my idols (this is before I added Kelly Slater to the list).  It started when I was a little kid in elementary school.  Although my parents would not let me train martial arts out of fear that I would become a bully, it did not stop me.  I would make up my own kata's/forms and shadow box (although in my mind I was fighting some vicious villains and destroying them of course) in my backyard and I would play at it for hours.  Life seems simple as a kid.  

So when I was in high school, and had my driver's license and some measure of freedom, I snuck out and tried out a few karate schools which did not impress me at the time.  I knew I was looking for something else.  Then I remembered a book I had read as a child, one of Bruce Lee's early books.  In it, I believe on page 27 at the bottom left hand corner of the page he wrote that he had first trained in Wing Chun before anything else and was his main fighting style before he developed his own.  The moment I saw that I knew that Wing Chun (which is now spelt Ving Tsun by descendants of the great Grandmaster Yip Man) was the style I wanted to train.  Unfortunately, at the time in my home town there were no Wing Chun or Ving Tsun schools actively teaching.  However, when I got to college I happened to run into my Sihing Alan, who introduced me to the kung fu and brought me to his Sifu and that is when my training began.  That was 13 years ago.  

Now I am living in Louisville, Kentucky and enjoying it quite a bit.  Louisville is a very special place and has a great vibe about it.  It is an excellent place for a martial art school, so I have started one and hope to make it a large noncommercial martial arts school who trains the old school way.  I am not doing it to make a living, I am doing it because I love this art form and want to share it with people who will use it for good.  I am also doing it so that I can better my own kung fu.  You can not be a true master until you have taught and raised up masters of your own.  

So come be a part of Kung Fu of Louisville.  Learn an incredible martial art that has been unaltered for generations, one of the few true martial arts left.